Thoughts from Cath

So what is Yoga anyway?

Catherine Kelleher

19th April 2017

If you ask a thousand teachers 'what is Yoga?' you will receive a thousand answers. Afterall, Yoga is about looking inwards for your own answers. However, without going into the technicalities I have tried to share the essence of Yoga with you in this little video clip.

We arrive on this earth as babies with pure consciousness. It is necessary for our survival that we learn from our surroundings and so become conditioned by our situation, our family, our peers and teachers. We have to in order to survive in society. However, in Yoga we talk about what lies beneath this conditioning; our consciousness, the true nature of Self that is constant and never changing. Some believe this inner consciousness is linked to the greater consciouness and what is beyond us as individuals.

When we practice Yoga we are trying to reveal the nature of our true 'Self'. To do this we must create space for it to shine through; space from the business and chatter of daily life. The system of Yoga is interested in making a connection with the Self.

There are lots of tools to achieve this in Yoga but remember that you can take this work off the mat. You can take yourself out into nature and breathe deep and make a connection to the beauty around you. You can laugh with one another, make connections with others and find ways to get back in touch with your inner voice.

I hope you enjoy the video. Feel free to post comments below. Cath x