Thoughts from Cath

Home practice Tip #1: When to Practice

Catherine Kelleher

27th September 2018

When trying to establish a Yoga practice at home, it is important to be honest about the time you have available. When can you fit in a 20min practice in your day? The key to planning a practice is to understand YOUR routine and to pin-point your transition times of the day.

What is a transition time? A transition time is when you transition from one part of the day to another. Common ones are:

After sleeping and before the day rushes in (morning practice)
After doing the school run and before starting work (this tends to suit work-from-home or stay-at-home parents)
As a pick-me-up to get through an afternoon at work or as a break in the day (lunchtime or afternoon practice
After work but before cooking/being with family (this can be a lovely way to 'shed' the working day before taking time for yourself)
After putting the kids to bed and before having time with a partner
A bedtime practice (to prepare for sleep)

You may find you have other times of transition in your day, particularly if you are retired or have very small children.

So, get our your diary and put some Yoga practice in those transition times. 20mins in your day to get in touch with you.

Cath x