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Home Practice Tip #4: Expectations

Catherine Kelleher

7th November 2018

Home Practice Tip #4: Expectations

One of the biggest hurdles to practice is the expectation we set upon oursleves.

We set out to achieve perfection in practice. That we will roll out of bed each morning to an hour on the mat. And that after a few days of practice we will reap the rewards.

This can lead to a multi-tude of dissapointments. We can become frustrated and disheartened when we face the reality of trying to establish a consistent practice. Particularly once the honeymoon period is over.

It can be more useful to see Yoga as a relationship for life. As with other relationships there will be bumps in the road and periods of absence but ultimately, the more you give to it the more support it can provide for you in daily life.

Patience is essential; as is the ability to come back and restart if we falter along the way. This is likely to happen many times but when taken over a timespan of a lifetime rather than in the first few days of starting we can keep our intention in perspective.

And so, when you practice - think of it as a long-term relationship rather than a quick-win. Something to nurture over a lifetime rather than encourage just for a few weeks. Begin with a manageable amount of time - perhaps 20mins each day and rather than show frustration at the times you falter, try to refocus your efforts to come back to your practice with enthusiasm.