Thoughts from Cath

Home Practice Tip #3: Making a Nest

Catherine Kelleher

17th October 2018

Now we have covered ‘When’ to practice (Tip#1) and how to make time for practice (Tip#2) we can think about ‘Where’ to practice.

You don’t need a mat. You don’t need fancy leggings.

Find your space, preferably clean and free from clutter and big enough to lie down in. You may wish to honour this time for yourself by lighting a candle or bringing a flower; perhaps a cosy blanket to lie on. Make your space welcoming. If possible leave your blanket/mat/candle in a place where you need to pass it or walk over it so that it is in your conscious mind as an intention to return to this place.

Make your practice space a welcoming nest that you are drawn to.