Thoughts from Cath

Home practice Tip #2: We may need to give something up

Catherine Kelleher

9th October 2018

In Tip#1 we looked at ‘When’ to practice and in particular being able to identify the transition times in your day so that you give yourself the best possible window for practice.

However, in reality we are time poor and finding time might seem difficult. If we want to commit to a home practice we will need to MAKE time. And so, it is likely we will need to face a stage of ‘vi-yoga’ (separation or giving something up) in order to gain time to roll out the mat.

What are you willing to give up (separate from) to create 20mins in your day for connection to practice? Maybe it is skipping the morning coffee, ignoring the news feed or giving up scrolling through social media before bed. Or perhaps it is handing over the children to a partner for 20mins whilst you take some time for you.

How do you feel about taking this time for yourself? Thinking about taking this time can throw up a number of obstacles for us. At other times, particularly when we are experiencing some type of pain it can seem more important and we are able to prioritise it.

My teacher Paul Harvey has a beautiful analogy for starting a home practice, as if trying to fit a new book into an already over-crowded bookshelf. We need to take another book out before we can place a new book on the shelf. You can read his thoughts here

To create the habit of home practice, it can be really useful to reflect on not only ‘When’ you will practice but also what you may need to give up in order to make the time. What could you separate from or let go of to create your window for practice?