Building the little yoga hut

Building the little yoga hut

Catherine Kelleher

19th April 2017

As some of you will know, I closed the Yogafever studio in Adamsdown at the end of November 2016 so that I could focus on building a home studio - the 'little yoga hut'. With a merry team of builders (and some help from the family!) we worked through November and December to get the hut up and running. You can see, the family 'helpers' were quite keen :)

Having a stepped garden brought quite a few challenges in terms of digging out and putting in the ground works...

...but the November sun kept us smiling and we managed to work through all the issues; although, having to bring pipes full of cement through our little terraced cottage was a little too much for me to bear (I admit, I had to go out and leave them to it that day and leave hubby to take the pictures!)

Once the cement foundation had settled it was full steam ahead to get the hut built and the decking done.

Once built, it was great to get my hands dirty and get the paint brushes out!

But it only starts to feel real when the books are moved in right? Nothing makes me happier than finding a place for some of my books (an ever growing collection, I know some of you can relate!)

And so the best Christmas present I may ever have - a finished home studio ready to become a meeting place for people on a Yoga journey, somewhere to share experiences, connections and inspiration. I feel very blessed to have been able to create this space.

As I practice in the hut I hear the sound of nature around me, the smell of wood taken in by my senses and the passing of the season outside. Its still a work in progress - I look forward to planting this spring and bringing some greenery to the hut and the decking. But, I'm learning to enjoy the process rather than racing to the finish. The hut is here for the long term :) Cath x