What We Do

1-to-1 Sessions

People are drawn to try Yoga for many reasons and each person has their own goals they might wish to achieve within a yoga practice. Working 1-to-1 with a teacher is a collaborative process to work towards those goals.

Key Areas of Interest

  1. Yoga as an Art An interest in achieving a physical or mental goal through cultivation of intense practice. This could include using a range of physical postures to develop the body, development of the breath through breathing practices or exploration of chanting or meditation practices to develop concentration and focus.
  2. Yoga as a Means of Self-Inquiry An interest in understanding our patterns and habits and the influence these have on our actions day to day so that we might move beyond the usual patterning of the mind.
  3. Yoga as a Type of Therapeutic Healthcare Many of us are coping with levels of stress each day induced by busy jobs, family pressures and financial demands. This can take a toll on our physical and mental health. Many people come to Yoga either as part of their recovery from illness/injury (physical & mental) or to learn skills that can help them combat some of these demands day to day.

Working privately with a teacher is a chance to work to your unique goals whilst taking into account your constitution, stage of life, work or family pressures and individual interests. The system of Yoga is like a tool-box with a selection of very useful tools.

When working in this way a teacher can use the tools relevant to your goals and level of interest. This is the application of yoga as ‘viniyoga’ – adaption of yoga to the individual. The role of the teacher is to support and ultimately, empower the student through the handover of knowledge and tools.

It takes many years of training to develop the skills to work with people 1-to-1 in this way. Cath began her training in the art of viniyoga in 2012 with Paul Harvey, Centre of Yoga Studies and continues to receive on-going professional supervision from Paul.

1-to-1: What to Expect

I started a yoga class as a complete beginner with Cath after an ear infection which left me with a dizziness and balance problem. I was only looking for something to help retrain my balance, and my physio had recommended yoga. What I found was so much more – Cath's classes have not only helped me re-gain confidence in this area, but I also found a place of calmness and relaxation away from the stresses of work and life in general!

- Claire Thomas - Senior Graphic Designer

Free Consultation

This is a chance to meet and discuss your goals before making any commitment to work together. We’ll discuss ways you might be able to establish a home practice and you’ll be asked to do some very simple movements to help me understand your typical range of movement. We’ll discuss options for booking sessions and you will be given time to go away and confirm whether you wish to book.

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First Lesson


This lesson tends to be a little longer than the others. Taking approximately 90 minutes, it is our first time working together to ensure you have a first yoga practice to take home with you so that you can get started straight away.

Review Lesson


These are shorter lessons, taking approximately 40 minutes; a chance to touch base and review how your practice is going and make some minor tweaks where necessary.

Standard Lesson


The standard lessons, taking approximately 60 minutes, are an opportunity to look at your practice in more depth and make changes as we need to.

Special Offers

Purchase a block of 6 sessions (First Lesson, 3 review lessons and 2 standard lessons) reduced from £260 to £235.Payable up front or in 2 installments (£135 at First lesson, £100 at lesson 3). Lessons usually span 3-4 months. The initial consultation remains free.



Cancellations are charge at the full rate unless 24hrs notice is given.